First Time Home Buyer Looking to be in the Heart of the City

Referred to us by clients of ours whom we helped buy a home, this first-time home buyer was looking to purchase a condo within walking distance to Amazon but also in the heart of a vibrant part of the city.

First thing’s first, education. In this market it is particularly important to be educated on what you are going to encounter when you write an offer and what tools we have in the tool box to use when needed to be as competitive as we can. This is one way to be successful and to move the process along more quickly. For this buyer, that very strategy helped him to be uber competitive and he was able to purchase a condo after writing only 2 offers! Taking our advice, he went through the process to get a fully underwritten loan approval and was comfortable writing a super clean offer which allowed him to land a fabulous Capitol Hill condo, which he closed on in only 2 weeks!

We hope you are loving living on the Hill Kevin!

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