First Time Home Buyer Looking for Bungalow in Seattle’s Hottest Market


GochenourBryan is a great friend of ours. As a first time home buyer, he decided the time was right for him to enter into the market so we put a meeting on the calendar.

Looking for a single family home in the northwest area of Seattle for under $475,000 we knew we would have a bit of a tough time as both the desired neighborhood and price point are very competitive market segments. So we prepared him for what was ahead, multiple offers, escalating prices, and pre-inspections, and then hit the ground armed with knowledge and ready to go! After only a few outings we found a winner, a fabulous 2 bedroom bungalow in desirable Crown Hill. Being prepared and prepped in advance, our client knew what he would need to do in order to win this multiple offer. We booked our pre-inspection and sewer scope, got an updated loan pre-qualification letter, and structured an offer that we knew would be competitive. And it worked.

Congrats on winning your multiple offer and getting your new house Bryan!

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