First Time Home Buyer Lands in Magnolia

Referred to us by an Agent specializing in the Eastside, we met with this first-time buyer to see if we could be of help.

When the search began, we were focused on looking for a 2 bedroom or a large 1 bedroom condominium in north Seattle. After not finding any condominiums that really excited her, we realized that this buyer would be happier in a townhome or small single-family home. We saw a nice cottage in Ballard and that solidified our prediction and we changed gears away from condos. Now we were on track but we encountered another hurdle, multiple offers. Competing in this market can be risky as most buyers are waiving all their protective contingencies to be the winning buyer. For this buyer, risk like this wasn’t a comfortable place to be. We set out to find a property that didn’t have an offer review date or had been on the market over a week and we were able to find a darling vintage townhome in Magnolia! It was the perfect fit and we moved forward with a great offer and snagged this fabulous place.

Looking forward to hearing how you like Magnolia Jen!

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