First Time Buyer Snags Fabulous Central District Condo

We first began chatting with this buyer last year about purchasing his first condo after he was referred to us by a past client of ours. After touring properties a few times, he felt he wasn’t ready to buy and wanted to wait a year.

Fast forward to a year later, we reconnected and kicked off the search again. We revisited market conditions and offer strategies, so he would be up to date on the current market and would be ready to go once we found the perfect place for him. Sending him a few lender referrals he began that process, so we would have a price point in mind and then we set out into the marketplace. The first condo we looked at ticked all the boxes for size, location, and features. After thinking about it overnight, he was ready to move forward. We had a pre-inspection and put our offer plan together. He was ready. And it all paid off, he was the winning buyer! This buyer took our advice seriously, was well educated and prepared and was able to purchase the first condo he saw on the first offer he wrote!

Congrats on your purchase Andy!

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