First Time Buyer Lands on Townhome in Ballard


With his lease coming up, this first time home buyer decided it was the right time for him and his girlfriend to jump into home ownership. Sent our way by his friend, we set out on the home search.

For these buyers ether a townhome or condo would do. Looking for a modern space in a close in neighborhood, we looked at different options to they could narrow down their preferences. When they settled in on wanting a townhome, we looked at both new construction and resale. Being drawn to modern spaces the new construction options really struck a cord and we found the perfect space in fabulous Ballard. Crafting an offer on new construction is different than on a resale, but no worries, we have done this a time or two before. After getting our offer accepted with a Seller credit included, we asked for some additional items to be fixed on our new construction punchlist builder walkthrough so the townhome would be all buttoned up for these buyers on closing day.

Enjoy your new Ballard townhome Tong and Sophie!

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