First Hill Street Car to Open this Weekend

Starting Saturday at 11am, you will be able to ride Seattle’s newest mass transit option, the First Hill Streetcar.

As this is a soft launch, the rides will be free over the weekend and for an undetermined amount of time after the weekend. The streetcar will run every 10 minutes during peak hours, every 12 minutes midday and then every 18 minutes in the evenings. It will travel along a 2.5 mile long track between First Hill and Pioneer Square.

What does this mean to you? If you live in the area of First Hill and Capitol Hill or in Pioneer Square or anywhere in between you will now have a way to travel between those neighborhoods without having to drive or search for parking. Traveling to sporting events will certainly be easier from the Hill with the option of the streetcar in place. It will also hopefully ease up a little traffic but since it runs in the traffic lane we will see how that shakes out once it is in use. Living on the South Lake Union Streetcar line, we find it a super convenient option when we are going down to the shores of Lake Union or up to the shopping district with too much to carry to want to walk or when it is pouring rain. It is a really nice option to have so hopefully people find this line of the streetcar just as convenient.

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