Find It Fix It App for the City of Seattle

Find It Fix ItEver drive over a massive pothole and think, “I need to report that to the city”? Of course you have! But then you get home and forget all about it or forget exactly where it was located.

Never fear, there is now a cool app called Find It Fix It that you can load on your Android or iPhone which lets you instantly report said pothole. Pretty neat I think! And that is not all the app allows you to do. You can use it to report abandoned vehicles, graffiti, or make an inquiry about a parking concern. There is also a miscellaneous category where you can make an inquiry or request that will then be routed to the correct person depending on what it is. You can even include a photo to accompany your request.

I think this is a cool way for the city to try and speed up reporting of city related issues and it is nice and convenient for those reporting so we have downloaded it and are ready to report our first pothole repair!

And thanks to our reader, Gina, for bringing this app to our attention and prompting this post!

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