Fabulous Modern Townhome in Central District for First Time Buyers

RogersReferred to us by a friend (thanks Connie!), this couple reached out to us as they had been thinking about buying for a while and had taken the time to put all of their ducks in a row and were now fully committed and ready to buy their first place.

All set and ready to roll with their financing, price point and timing, we sat down for a meeting to make sure they understood the dynamics of the current market and what obstacles and conditions they should expect to see out there. Once they were comfortable with what they learned the search began. On their first tour, they found the perfect modern unique townhome and they wanted to move on it quickly. With multiple offers on the table we knew we had to craft an offer that could compete against the others. The offer we submitted was as clean as it could be and our escalation was aggressive. It all worked out as these first timers got a great place on their first try J We processed their purchase, opened Escrow, had title updated, sent all needed information to their lender and laid out all of the next steps through closing for our buyers. And in turn, it was smooth sailing to a quick closing.

So happy you got the place of your dreams Gina and Alex!


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