Expanding the Family Leads to Buying a Larger House in West Seattle

StiversWe sold this client’s sister’s townhome just a block away near Alki. When it came time for them to sell so they could buy a new larger home, these folks reached out to us after seeing the success of their family’s sale with us.

Having a baby makes home buying and selling a little more complicated. It’s all about timing. Should they buy first or sell first? Should they sell while living in the townhome with a young toddler or consider temporary housing?  Wanting to make sure they only had to move once and not have to live in temporary housing, we decided the best course of action would be to locate the house to purchase first and then put the townhome on the market as soon as they were in contract to purchase and past their inspection. With the plan set we started the search. Wanting to stay in West Seattle was absolute. Hoping for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on one level with modern finishes we narrowed in even further. This extremely popular layout was tough to find so when a new construction house boasting all this and more dropped their price into our desired range, we pounced! After we negotiated the inspection, we moved through to a smooth closing.

Hope you’re loving your new house Jeff and LeeAnn!

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