Car2Go is in Seattle

Car2GoA lot of city dwellers choose to go car free opting to walk, bike and take public transit to navigate the city. Now, there is another option, Car2Go.

Car2Go is a service offering a simple and straightforward way to get about town. You just sign up for an account, receive a member card that opens the cars, drive it, and park it in the designated boundaries of Seattle when you are done. Gas is included! All of the available cars are 2 seat Smart Cars, either gas powered or electric. To find a car, just go to the website or mobile app and the map will lead you to an available car, or just find one on the street. You don’t have to reserve a car to use one but you can if you want to ensure one is available.

What does it cost you ask? Well, you only pay for the time you use the car so you can use it for as long or as short a time as you would like. The cost is $.38 per minute, $13.99 maximum per hour, $72.99 maximum per day and $.45 per mile after 150 miles in one trip. Pretty simple. There are of course other fees for lost keys, damage, etc. so make sure to check that out.

We saw this cute little Car2Go parked outside our office today which prompted us to sign up! You never know when you might need the convenience of a car to go. When we signed up today, there was a promo code so the $35 one time sign-up fee was waived. That made it worth it for sure!

Click here to check out their website and see what Car2Go is all about.

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