Buying Their First Home in Covington

After this buyer’s sister and parents let us guide them through home purchases and sales, this first time home buyer reached out when they were ready to buy their first place.

A buyer consultation is always our first step. It is super important for buyers to understand the market conditions, the process they will go through when buying a property and how we work with our clients to make sure they have realistic expectations and to make sure we are the right fit for them. In addition to that in-depth chat, it is imperative for us to listen and hear about what our clients’ needs, and goals are, and what their questions and concerns are. After this process, both buyer and agent are ready to go! On their first home tour, they found the one. Negotiation is back on the table now that the market is shifting and we were able to secure a purchase price below the marketing price and a credit to help this buyer buy their loan interest rate down. Then it was off to closing, tracking details and deadlines and keeping our buyer posted throughout until those keys were passed along!

Thanks for trusting us to help with your home purchase Kendra!

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