Buying Her First Condo in Thriving Ballard

Referred to us by another real estate agent specializing in the east side, this buyer was looking for her first condo somewhere in North Seattle, Queen Anne or Capitol Hill, and her parent’s agent knew we would be a great fit to help her find her Seattle condo.

Starting out, we always nail down our clients most important criteria, what we call the ‘Must Haves’. Then we move on to finding out what their “Would Likes” are and finish out by learning about their “Bonuses”. This helps us to focus on what is truly important in their new home. We figured out that a big open kitchen, larger size layout and parking were on the must haves list. The first tour is always a bit of a fishing mission for us as it is when we show many different styles, ages, layouts and locations of properties and then use the feedback we get on that tour to tailor all future tours. In this case, we used our first tour to narrow us in on a certain style and were able to find the one on just our second tour! Guiding her through each and every step we made it through to closing without a hitch!

Enjoy your new condo in Ballard Minnie!

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