Buying First Condo Near the Northgate Light Rail

One of our closest friends, this buyer reached out about starting the discussion of buying her first place when her landlords wanted to sell the condo she was renting.

First time home buyers are a favorite of ours to work with as we pride ourselves in educating our clients and arming them with as much information as we can to make sure they understand every step of the process. It begins with educating a buyer on the current market conditions, is it a sellers’ market, are there multiple offers, what offer strategies are available to them, etc. As well as covering the buyer process from beginning to end in great detail. Then it is important for us to be educated on what the client is looking for in a property, what their concerns are, etc. Then it is tour time! During this time, we are in evaluation mode. Evaluating and analyzing potential options in terms of features and price. Once we find the right one, in this case a remodeled top floor condo in Northgate blocks to the new light rail, it is all about execution, negotiation and communication. Explaining and executing the offer, negotiating the offer, negotiating the inspection, and communicating about each and every step in the process until our client is closed and the owner of a new condo!

Super happy for you and you new place Gina!

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