Bar Hot Spot – Doe Bay Wine Company

One of our favorite spots to visit when we are on Orcas Island, in the San Juans, is Doe Bay Wine Company, a bottle shop and wine tasting room. And they just opened a location in Phinney Ridge! Woot woot!!

We stopped in during their soft opening and it was as fantastic as we knew it would be. Great bottle shop with tons of delicious wine options to pick up. The owner also owns the Orcas Project which works with around 10 wine makers to make wines in their specialty for this label. At the shop you can taste and enjoy Orcas Project wines, which are incredible (we are wine club members)!!!

Go enjoy a glass of Orcas Project wine or pick up a bottle or a case of a variety of wines at Doe Bay’s new location!

Click here to visit their website

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