After Relocating to Canada it was Finally Time to Sell Investment Condo in Green Lake

Friends and clients, these sellers moved back to Canada and when the tenant in their Green Lake investment condo decided to move out, they reached out to us to help them with the sale.

Having helped these clients buy this condo and a home and then sell that home, it was time for us to help them sell their final Seattle real estate holding. Looking to maximize profit we recommended that we spiff this spot up by freshly painting it and installing new appliances. To make it sparkle we recommended a deep move-out clean, to get in every nook and cranny. Putting in staging helps the space feel cozier and homier, provides prospective for spaces often making them look larger, and makes the professional photography and videography much more effective. Who wants to look at photos of an empty space? We prepared a pricing analysis and launched our marketing plan and received a full price offer in two days.

Seattle will miss you Greg and Claire!

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