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Who We Are

For nearly a decade, the Urban Marco team has called Seattle home. Both Marco and Loren Kronen have bought, sold, and live life to the fullest in the city.  Our slogan “Buy Sell Live” speaks from personal and professional experience of having bought and sold real estate first hand in our great city.

We live in Seattle, play in Seattle, and work in Seattle and our knowledge becomes our clients’ benefit as we help guide them through their options and help them make the best decision for their particular lifestyle. The goal of our website isn’t to inundate you with data, but rather to help you tour Seattle, get to know our city and get a feel of its neighborhoods and lifestyle.

Let us show you how to Buy. Sell. Live.

What We Do

Ready to buy or sell a place in the city? Urban Marco has Seattle covered.

We are more than just full service, we are at your service. We have a genuine interest in what’s important to our clients and by specializing in Seattle urban real estate, knowing local market trends, and having our fingers on the pulse of the in-city lifestyle we are able to offer you a real estate experience that is tailored to your specific needs. Urban is our specialty, that’s what we do, so let us help you live it!

Outstanding Services

We help you buy, sell, and live. And we do it all by putting you at the center.